Group Pre-Cana

Thank you for the past six weeks of Pre-Cana. Your program has exceeded all of our expectations and we really enjoyed spending each Tuesday night learning more about our marriage, ourselves, and our relationship. You have given us great perspective and and an extra date night each Tuesday.

We loved last week’s class. You did a fantastic job. And we were grateful for your openness with your own relationship and experience. We thought the quotes & articles you shared were dead on. You must love the other person with a love that encourages and supports their dreams, bringing out the best in each other, and inspiring one another to pursue what they truly love. 🙂 Great stuff.

Just a small belated thank you note to show our immense appreciation for your passion, dedication, and advice over this last month at Pre-Cana! I can’t begin to tell you how much we have learned; we have left each session with so much to discuss. Thank you for your openness and sharing what’s worked for you.

Thanks very much Peter. We think your program was fabulous! Regardless of religious background, I think every couple who is getting married should take this class. The issues discussed are universal, and we are very excited now to get married and put the class to practice!

Thanks for all of your help thus far; we are learning a tremendous amount about ourselves, each other, our relationship, and marriage from your course. Your knowledge has had a very positive impact on our relationship, and there’s still five classes to go!

Thank you very much for putting so much passion into your work. You totally exceeded our expectations for Pre-Cana and you have individually affected our relationship for the better already. We recommend you highly!

Just wanted to thank you again for being such a wonderful Pre-Cana leader. We are already implementing morning and evening rituals in our day and I can’t even tell you how much we really enjoy them. We really took all the messages and research to heart and are even more so now looking forward to our wedding day and our marriage. We are even passing on what we’ve learned to our engaged and married friends.

Both my fiance and myself really thought your classes were helpful and insightful. I would highly recommend this program to any couple interested in getting married. I felt you hit every major topic right on the head!

That was a great set of classes. We didn’t know what to expect, but the classes far surpassed our expectations. You did a great job. We thought a number of the items you discussed were enlightening, practical, and easy to implement. We are definitely going to use some form of the recommendations you described and coming up with a few of our own.