FOCCUS Exercise

I have finished my FOCCUS exercise and also took notes as you suggested. I must say I found the exercise very useful.

It was great sitting and talking with you about our FOCCUS report. We both really enjoyed our conversation and it was definitely an eye opener on a few topics we haven’t really spoken about.

I have to say that the FOCCUS exercise was very insightful, and we talked for hours last night about the questions and our thoughts on issues we really have never thoroughly discussed.

We took the exercise separately, and spoke about it afterwards, as per your suggestion. It has already been tremendously helpful, and we look forward to discussing the report with you.

Just want to let you know that we took the FOCCUS test last night (separately of course). Thank you for your advice to have a pen and note pad with us and to discuss things after taking the test. After the test we talked for about 3 hours using the notes we had each taken! We learned a lot about each other’s thoughts and expectations, as well as things we had not discussed. We learned about and/or revisited some differences we have. Many of the issues brought up were difficult and all very meaningful. We are glad we took the test and we look forward to meeting with you and further discussing our FOCCUS report.

Thanks so much for our FOCCUS Interpretation last Friday. We really got a lot out of speaking with you one-on-one, and it provided a great starting-off point for even more discussions between us.