Pre-Cana New York City

We offer Pre-Cana in two formats: small-group and private.

Our private-format Pre-Cana program has been on offer throughout the pandemic. Our small-group program is on hold for the moment as we seek to work out scheduling issues.

Our private Pre-Cana program can often be completed in a single session (couples are asked to do some advance reading and complete the FOCCUS exercise before we meet). I do meet with some couples a second, third, or even fourth time, if helpful.

Our program is offered through the Roman Catholic Churches of St. Charles Borromeo in Brooklyn Heights and St. Thomas More on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

For more information on our private program, click here.

For more information on our small-group program, click here.

Questions? Use our contact form or email Peter McFadden at or call (646) 341-0848.