Small-Group Pre-Cana

Our small-group program is on hold.

The program, when available, is open to both engaged couples and married couples looking for a refresher.

Engaged couples enrolled in our group program must also complete the FOCCUS couple communication exercise and meet privately with the instructor at a time of mutual convenience to review their results.

The program will feature these presentations:

  • The three hallmarks of a satisfying marriage
  • The two become one: the paramount importance of emotional connection in marriage
  • Communication is key: the #1 secret to great couple communication
  • Couple finance: moving from competing priorities to shared priorities
  • Children: a gift to the world… a challenge to marriage!
  • Sexuality as gift: loving in good times and in bad
  • Couple spirituality: connecting at a deeper level

The fee for our small-group program is $395 per couple. This fee can be reduced in case of financial need.

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