Group Pre-Cana

We are developing exciting plans for the resumption of our group Pre-Cana classes this coming Spring.

These classes will be offered in Brooklyn and in Manhattan and will be open to both engaged couples and married couples looking for a refresher.

The opportunity for engaged couples to meet and mingle with married couples allows the engaged to gain a more realistic sense of the challenges involved in married life. For married couples, the program will help them recover some of their initial zeal.

Topics covered in our group program include:

Why Marriage? What Purpose Does Marriage Serve?
Habits of Connection: Keeping Love Alive
Communication and Conflict Resolution
Finance: Establishing Priorities, Working as a Team
Man and Woman He Created Them: Sexuality as Gift
Couple Spirituality: Connecting at a Deeper Level

Engaged couples enrolled in our group program must also complete the FOCCUS couple communication exercise and meet privately with the instructor to review their results.

The fee for our group program is $295 per couple. This fee can be reduced in case of financial need.

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Questions? Use our contact form or email Peter McFadden at or call (646) 341-0848.