Great Talks on Marriage

Let’s Talk about Weddings – Wedding planning can overwhelm even the most carefree of couples. In this talk, Bill Doherty finds meaning in what often is wedding preparation madness.

Habits of Connection: The Intentional Couple – Bill Doherty, Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy at the University of Minnesota, offers sound advice for keeping your relationship strong throughout your married life together.

Keeping Love (and Sex) Alive – Michele Weiner-Davis, one of our country’s great marriage counselors, offers powerful advice for keeping love and sex alive.

Financial Harmony in Marriage – Kelly Simpson on how couples — even those with strongly divergent financial personalities — can strive for financial harmony in marriage.

Meeting Men’s & Women’s Needs in Marriage – In this short talk, Dr. Philip Mango examines how husbands and wives can meet each other’s needs in marriage.

Baby Makes Three: The Transition to Parenthood – Drs. John and Julie Gottman offer sage advice for couples on how to successfully navigate one of the great challenges of married life: the transition to parenthood.

Raising Great Children: One Family’s Story – Jill Kimball shares the inspirational story of how she and her husband, despite challenging careers, were able to make space for their family life and raise great children.