Private Pre-Cana

Couples with challenging work schedules have the option of meeting privately with the Pre-Cana instructor at a time of mutual convenience. Weekday, weeknight, and weekend sessions are available.

Meeting location is flexible as well. We can meet in midtown Manhattan or in Cold Spring-on-Hudson.

Couples who opt for our private-format program are asked to do some reading in advance and complete the FOCCUS exercise before we meet. This advance preparation helps us cover more ground, more productively, when we meet.

Unlike the small-group program, which is stretched out over six weeks, the private-format program is usually accomplished in one or two longer sessions.

The fee for our private-format program is $295 per couple. This fee can be reduced in case of financial need.

To obtain a current listing of available dates for a private Pre-Cana session, email Peter McFadden at

To register for our private-format program, click here.

The Pre-Cana program fee can be paid online via Venmo or PayPal here.

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Questions? Use our contact form or email Peter McFadden at or call (646) 341-0848.