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Pre-Cana: New York City

Couples marrying in the Catholic Church are required to take a marriage preparation program, often referred to as Pre-Cana. We offer Pre-Cana in two formats: small-group and private.

Our small-group classes are held in midtown Manhattan. Our private-format program can be taken in Manhattan, north of the city, or online via internet video chat.

The FOCCUS exercise is an important part of our program. All couples who take Pre-Cana with us must complete this exercise as part of their marriage preparation with us.

Our program in Manhattan is based at the Church of Our Saviour, located at Park Avenue and 38th Street. Couples from other parishes are welcome to take Pre-Cana with us.

For more information on our small-group program, click here.

For more information on our private Pre-Cana program, click here.



                    For more info, contact Peter McFadden: (646) 341-0848 [email protected]